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Case Studies

  • “THE ENTIRE SUPPLY CHAIN EXISTS HERE IN THE WEST” August 25, 2017 - Marine specialists Keynvor MorLift talk us through their vital role at HPC There aren’t many businesses capable of carrying out the kinds of projects South West-based specialist marine contractors Keynvor MorLift (KML) do on a daily basis, which made them the perfect choice for helping with the complex construction of sea defences for Hinkley Point […]
  • “IT’S BEEN AN EXCELLENT WAY TO SEEK OUT AND TENDER FOR NEW CONTRACTS” August 15, 2017 - Technical Inspection Services (TIS) have been operating from Clevedon in North Somerset since the early 1980s when, back then, its main focus was providing non-destructive testing (NDT) to the UK’s network of coal power stations. Ken Stockham started working in NDT in 1979, the following year TIS was forced to shift its focus from working […]
  • J&G FENCING – “reaching new levels in health and safety” July 6, 2017 - “In more ways than one working with Hinkley Point C  has helped us to mature as a company and become more professional in the way we do things, it has also helped to take us to a new levels in health and safety” Working as part of the team at Hinkley Point C has been […]
  • “It Was A Fantastic Day When We Learned We Were Successful” June 26, 2017 - According to the Chinese proverb, “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”. That sentiment seems appropriate to describe the moment the very first piece of earth was removed at Hinkley Point C – the first action marking a construction process that will take close to 10 years to complete at a […]
  • Somerset Infrastructure Alliance – Case Study February 4, 2016 - The Somerset Infrastructure Alliance is one of five local supplier groups that were announced by EDF Energy at the end of July as preferred bidders for the Hinkley Point C project. The group was named as the preferred bidder for the site infrastructure services work package, which includes maintaining the development site and managing the […]
  • Somerset Passenger Solutions January 4, 2016 - Somerset Passenger Solutions is a joint venture between Crosville Motor Services and First Somerset & Avon. It was set up in 2014 to bid for the provision and management of a bus fleet to transport workers to and from the Hinkley Point C site for the construction of the new nuclear build. In July 2015, […]
  • The ‘Advanced Precision Engineering Consortium’ (APEC) December 23, 2015 - The ‘Advanced Precision Engineering Consortium’ (APEC) is one of a number of supplier consortiums that have been created, with assistance from the Somerset Chamber’s Hinkley Supply Chain Team, to make the most of the opportunities around Hinkley Point C and other large infrastructure projects. However, whereas the majority of these collaborations have been formed in […]
  • Dan’s Engineering – Getting Hinkley Ready May 19, 2015 - Based in Bridgwater, Dan’s Engineering has over 30 years’experience and specialises in the design, welding, fabrication and installation of stainless and mild steel fabrications. In September 2014, managing director Dan Puddy attended a Somerset Chamber event to find out more about the Hinkley Point C project and quickly decided that he wanted to get involved. […]
  • Metal fabrications supplier group case study November 14, 2014 - A group of metal fabrications suppliers from Somerset is teaming up to bid for work relating to Hinkley Point C worth tens of millions of pounds, with assistance from the Hinkley Supply Chain Team at the Somerset Chamber of Commerce. The Somerset Chamber’s Hinkley Supply Chain Team has been engaging with EDF Energy and its […]
  • Hinkley Supply Chain Case Study – Malcolm Pyne, Pyne’s of Somerset: “Be part of it!” June 20, 2014 - Malcolm Pyne, owner of Pyne’s of Somerset, recognised early on that as an individual business, the opportunity to become part of the supply chain for Hinkley Point C was all about collaboration. “It’s clear that it’s too big a job for me as a sole trader. There are elements that I can do and elements […]


    • The Industrial Partners Supplier Steering Group

      EDF Energy and the Somerset Chamber of Commerce have recognised that for the Somerset and South West businesses to take full advantage of the opportunity to supply goods and services during the construction of HPC, there is a need for collaborative working between NNB HPC as the client, the major Read more →

    • The Site Operations Supplier Steering Group

      Operating since October 2013 this group, co-chaired by EDF Energy and Somerset Chamber has been briefing targeted suppliers on a series of site operations work packages at Hinkley C. These work packages service the needs of the construction teams that will build the power station – they include catering, campus Read more →

    • The South West Hinkley Supply Chain Team

      EDF Energy continue to fund the Hinkley Supply Chain Team managed by Somerset Chamber of Commerce which is identified as the single point of contact for both the regional supply chain seeking contract opportunities and main contractors seeking capable suppliers. Some 2700 suppliers are registered on the portal with their Read more →