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High quality specialist paint for HPC

December 9, 2019

Attention to detail is crucial on any building project but that is especially true for Hinkley Point C (HPC), with rigorous checks and approval processes in place for both contractors and their equipment.

Even the paint being used on parts of the new nuclear power station is subject to a strict certification requirement – just ask PPG Architectural Coatings Ltd.

PPG is a global manufacturer of paints, coatings and specialty materials, with headquarters in Pittsburgh, USA, and operations in nearly 70 countries around the world, including a base in Bristol.

Subsidiary, PPG Architectural Coatings Ltd is one of the largest paint companies in the UK and supplies protective, marine and architectural coatings to fabricators, contractors, owners and paint applicators.

PPG, as a global coatings manufacturer, works with many blue chip-companies and household names delivering paints, coatings and material solutions across a range of industries; from automotive, aerospace and packaging coatings to architectural and industrial products.

Globally, the company is renowned for its work on nuclear reactors. PPG supplies to over 50% of the world’s Nuclear reactors and is currently supplying EDF nuclear sites in Taishan and Flammanville, as well as to HPC and some of the existing EDF Energy nuclear fleet in the UK.

At HPC, PPG Architectural Coatings Ltd is using the PPG Freitag brand, a high-specification anticorrosive paint, which has been tested and certified to meet EDF Energy’s certification requirements.

PPG is one of the few coating manufacturers able to provide products with the necessary certified approvals and is working directly with Tier 1 contractors at HPC and their sub-contractors, providing technical advice and support for the strict coatings specification requirements for the site.

PPG’s technical team is familiarising contractors with the Freitag products and supporting them to ensure that they can apply Freitag and achieve the EDF Energy specification requirements.

Malcolm Page, Business Development Manager for PPG Architectural Coatings Ltd, said companies across the UK frequently asked him how to get involved with the Hinkley project: “I always advise them the first point of contact should be to register on the Hinkley Supply Chain portal at www.hinkleysupplychain.co.uk.

“PPG has been involved with the Hinkley Supply Chain Team since registering in 2015. We have attended several events, including most recently being one of the key speakers at a Hinkley Supply Chain Programme event specifically aimed at paint contractors. On this occasion we were imparting information relating to the EDF Energy specification as well as some PPG Freitag solutions.

“The support and interaction with the team has been very helpful in guiding PPG to and facilitating introductions with some of the companies in the supply chain.”

He said it was exciting to work with both EDF Energy and various Tier 1 and sub-contractors at Hinkley Point C and added: “PPG, as a global coatings supplier, has been able to offer high performance and high durability products that will offer the ultimate protection needed for all areas of the project.”

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