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  1. Somerset Chamber of Commerce – Hinkley Supply Chain Team Tier 1 and 2 engagement role

    April 16, 2019

    The construction of Hinkley Point C power station presents major contract opportunities for the South West supply chain. EDF Energy (NNB) has committed to utilise South West based local suppliers (service providers, manufacturers of components, sub-contractors) wherever practicable on the project. To facilitate this, EDF Energy has been working with the Somerset Chamber of Commerce and the Hinkley Supply Chain Team for several years identifying and engaging with South West supply chain opportunities arising from the Hinkley Point C Project.

    Role Overview

    The Hinkley Supply Chain Team (HSCT), a collaboration including the Somerset Chamber and EDF Energy, has managed the South West supplier registration portal (www.hinkleysupplychain.co.uk) and associated activities since 2010. As part of this team the Somerset Chamber of Commerce is looking to engage the services of an experienced person to drive the engagement with main Tier 1 and 2 contractors on the HPC project in order to uncover work package opportunities for the SW supply chain. This role, probably circa 3 days a week, will be based within the Somerset Energy and Innovation Centre (SEIC) in Bridgwater.

     Roles & Responsibilities

    • Engaging with the Client (EDF Energy) commercial teams
    • Influence and deliver T1 and T2 engagement strategy / tactics to effectively uncover work package opportunity and scope early in order to  and succeed in getting SW suppliers engaged / wining contracts
    • Engage Tier 1 and Tier 2 procurement teams from director level to QS as required to explain HSCT and uncover work package opportunities
    • Interpret work package scope using own knowledge and experience  with limited information made available from main contractors
    • Guide / source suppliers with relevant capability for opportunity using HSCT systems / team
    • Provide guidance, skill, experience to support Project Lead
    • Assist with communicating work package opportunities to the supply chain


    • Attitude – Team First, Positive – Solutions
    • Strong relationship building at all levels (Directors to QS)
    • Enjoy working at coal face as well as some strategic
    • Happy to operate in support role not leading
    • Good communicator at all levels of team, written copy, presentation at workshops
    • Successful and working collaboratively


    • First hand knowledge of procurement practice in large construction / civil / large infrastructure
    • Commercial contract management (NEC 3 would be useful)
    • Supply Chain assessment / support / SME management


    • Needs to offer credible experience to Tier 1 and 2 contractors delivering £10 -100 million contracts at HPC
    • Senior procurement or business development experience in the Civil, Oil & Gas, Utilities or Engineering sectors
    • First hand experience in managing delivery, procurement or commercial contracts in relevant sectors

    Please send C.V. and covering letter to Sam.Evans@hinkleysupplychain.co.uk

    Closing date for applications – 30th April 2019.

  2. Huge opportunities remain for regional businesses to get involved with the Hinkley Point C project.

    April 5, 2019

    Huge opportunities remain for regional businesses to get involved with the Hinkley Point C project, business leaders from across the area were told this week.

    Sam Evans, Head of Hinkley Supply Chain Engagement on behalf of the Somerset Chamber of Commerce’s Hinkley Supply Team, said there were still substantial contracts to be awarded for both tier two and tier three suppliers.

    She said there was a perception it was too late to win work at the nuclear power station development and said that view was wrong and urged prospective suppliers to register on the dedicated Hinkley Supply Chain portal.

    “We were very Somerset-centric in the early days but that scope has now widened and we would encourage suppliers who would like to get involved from across the South West and South Wales to register on the portal.

    “It’s a ten-year build, so we’ve hardly scratched the surface as far as the supply chain opportunities are concerned,” Sam said.

    She was speaking at the Insider South West Hinkley Point C Breakfast event which was held in the MacMillan Theatre, in Bridgwater, on Tuesday, 26 March.

    Other key speakers and panel members included Jamie Driver, the Hinkley Point C Senior Supply Chain Engagement Manager, Doug Bamsey, Strategic Director at Sedgemoor District Council and local businesses who are already working on the HPC project – Greg van Laun of Astron Fire and Security, Mike Morgan, of MMES and John Chaplin of The Bristol Port Company.

    Mr Driver said Hinkley Point C would put £4 billion into the regional economy over the lifetime of the project and added: “The word out there at the moment seems to be that all of the contracts have gone – that’s very wrong.

    “There are a wealth of opportunities still to be accessed and we need to look two to three years ahead; there are some contracts we haven’t even started procuring for yet.”

    Mr van Laun said networking events about Hinkley Point C and working with the Hinkley Supply Chain Team had been invaluable to ensure his company was best placed to win work on the project.

    “We were able to meet the decision-makers directly and Sam played a big part in that,” he said.

    Mr Morgan told the event: “I also attended a seminar about Hinkley Point C and then made contact with the Somerset Chamber of Commerce and Sedgemoor Development Team and received an enormous amount of support from them. This is a great opportunity.”

    Mr van Laun added: “It can be intimidating but it’s all about engaging with the right people to help you.”

    For more information about registering with the Hinkley Supply Chain contact the team on 01823 443425.

  3. Hinkley Point C spending in the South West reaches £1bn with 6,500 jobs created so far

    April 4, 2019

    New figures released today show the growing positive impact of Hinkley Point C on jobs, skills and people in the South-West and beyond. The numbers are published in the latest annual report into the socio-economic benefits of the nuclear power station which is under construction in Somerset.

    Hinkley Point C’s Realising the Socio-economic Benefits report measures Hinkley Point C’s performance against ambitions set out before construction began. It shows that:

    Spending with South West businesses reached £980m by the end of January and has now topped £1bn. A further £500m is ready to be spent in new contracts which have already been signed.

    • 6,500 people have worked on the construction site so far
    • 1,700 of the current workforce live in Somerset, of which 300 are under 35 years old
    • 8,500 people have been trained and assessed at the specially built Construction Skills and Innovation Centre near the site
    • 380 apprentices have already been taken on by the project

    As well as tackling climate change by providing decades of reliable, low carbon electricity, Hinkley Point C aims to provide lasting social and industrial benefits. These range from increasing local employment, to the development of a sustainable regional supply chain and the advancement of new training facilities and qualifications.

    The report highlights the big efforts to build a pipeline of skills from schools to the site. Last year, the project worked with 14,500 pupils in over 100 schools and colleges. Efforts to increase the poor level of diversity in construction have shown women succeed in areas traditionally dominated by men – like operating the 50 cranes where half of the first crane apprentices are women. Work to improve accessibility in 2018 also saw the first intake of from a new supported traineeship for those with special educational needs.

    As well as the jobs on site, around 800 people are working in Bristol on the project and thousands more are supplying Hinkley Point C from over 1,100 companies in every part of the UK. For example, around 1,000 workers come from Wales and more than 60 Welsh companies supply the project, including over 200,000 tonnes of steel that will be used on site. Positive benefit is also being felt by businesses close by in Somerset itself, with the report highlighting a number of examples including Portishead based Osprey and Taunton based Viridor. The full report and case studies are available online here.

    Stuart Crooks, Managing Director, Hinkley Point C, said; “Our teams are making great progress on-site, but this report shows we are also delivering on our ambition to make a lasting difference to people, skills and the regional economy. We are providing opportunities for people to develop their talents and build lasting careers”

    Sam Evans, Head of Hinkley Supply Chain Engagement at the Somerset Chamber of Commerce, said: “The work on site is accelerating, creating more and more opportunities for South West businesses to bid for and win valuable contracts as the supply chain grows. What’s especially pleasing is that, far from the list of companies registered all being construction and engineering companies, we are seeing a broad range of sectors represented, including design agencies, catering companies, professional services firms and office fit-out businesses.”

  4. The Hinkley Supply Chain Programme

    February 21, 2019

    The Hinkley Supply Chain Programme is a funded support programme developed to help South West and South Wales based SME’s (small/medium enterprises) who wish to target upcoming Hinkley Point C (HPC) opportunities.

    The Heart of the South West and West of England Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and the Welsh Government have allocated substantial funds to deliver the Hinkley Supply Chain Programme over a three-year period. The aim is to support local companies by preparing them for upcoming HPC project opportunities, to increase their chances of winning future contracts.

    As HPC moves forward, many contracts will be awarded throughout the remaining 8-year construction period, and also during the following 60+ years of operation and de-commissioning. The Hinkley Supply Chain Programme is delivered by our experienced team, consisting of a partnership between Somerset Chamber of Commerce, SWMAS and Business West and offers eligible companies targeted business support to maximise their chances of joining the HPC Supply Chain.

    Is your company eligible, follow our simple flow chart to find out? For more information call the team on 01823 443425

  5. The South West Hinkley Supply Chain Team

    September 25, 2015

    EDF Energy continue to fund the Hinkley Supply Chain Team managed by Somerset Chamber of Commerce which is identified as the single point of contact for both the regional supply chain seeking contract opportunities and main contractors seeking capable suppliers. Some 4000+  suppliers are registered on the portal with their capability now mapped against likely project requirements and this supply chain is now able to receive both project information and invitations to work package events and opportunities. Over 120 tier 1 and 2 contractors have been using this resource to source suppliers for bids and delivery with a range of work package and meet the buyer events supporting the objective. This central hub of data and information continues to provide a supplier engagement service to main contractors and provide information to suppliers registered.

    In addition, with focussed funding from BIS (Department of Business Innovation and Skills) and Local Enterprise Partnerships the Hinkley Supply Chain Team (August 2015) has identified and assessed 30 work packages which resulted in over 700 supplier engagements sourcing 209 unique suppliers and resulting in 14 supplier clusters being identified and developed with a core group of 81 suppliers. 7 collaborative entities are now advanced in the process of being awarded interim agreements or preferred bidder status for contract values likely to be over £350 million during the project construction.

    Business support for supply chain development has been strengthened following a collaboration between the Somerset Chamber of Commerce, SWMAS Ltd (delivering the Manufacturing Advisory Service) and Business West Ltd (delivering Business Support). This collaboration will increase the supply chain footprint across the South West and enable the Hinkley Supply Chain Team to draw upon a bigger pool of available resource.

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