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Digital solutions to support the HPC project

May 1, 2020

Welders, concrete dispatchers and crane operators are just some of the skilled workers you would expect to find at Hinkley Point C but away from the nuclear island and tunnel boring machines, there are scores of people working in offices and on computers who need skills of a very different kind.

This is where Newport-based company W2 Global Data comes in. The company is an approved EDF supplier and offers a raft of screening tools and services to help organisations achieve regulatory compliance, prevent fraud and a wide range of other professional services.

Kevin Fox, Product Manager at W2 Global Data, said: “W2 is a leading provider of real-time digital solutions for global regulatory compliance. We aggregate data and ancillary services from a wide spectrum of domestic and international suppliers. This means that our customers can easily access a myriad of data sources and service providers including, but not limited to, PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) and adverse media content, document verification services, eKYC (Know Your Customer) providers, corporate business reports and enhanced investigative services. All through an intuitive, single point of access.”

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ID and age verification, anti-money laundering and reputation management also come under the W2 Global Data umbrella of services. By working with the world’s most robust data providers, they ensure clients have real-time access to reliable, up-to-date information.

The company was founded in 2011 and since then has built an enviable reputation for offering a one-stop gateway for companies keen to have full compliance and peace of mind with the minimum hassle. W2 Global Data also has a friendly support team on hand to offer additional advice.

Kevin said: “We offer a range of award-winning products and services, including document verification and facial comparison. By combining the two, we are able to provide confidence that the document being presented is genuine and also links the customer/document owner to the document in real time. This combination of authentication helps businesses eliminate manual screening errors, speeds up the document inspection process and significantly reduces employee training, operating costs and customer inconvenience.”

By providing access to various methods of document verification through one single integration, the W2 Global Data document verification services allows a cost-effective means of verifying ID and proof of address documents, thereby reducing fraud, increasing conversion and enhancing back-office efficiency.

“Losses due to fraud can have a devasting impact and threaten business survival for many organisations. W2 provides businesses with the capability to carry out detailed checks in real-time to help organisations make informed, data-driven decisions. Understanding the risk associated with businesses you work with is vital to protecting your own business,” Kevin said.

The company already has glowing testimonials from a range of high-profile clients, but W2 Global Data has gone one step further to ensure it is ‘Hinkley ready’ by working with the Hinkley Supply Chain Team.

The Hinkley Supply team has not only provided direct access for W2 directly to EDF, a large and growing opportunity, but has also provided networking and collaboration opportunities that are allowing W2 to work with any member of the supply chain to provide the ID verification services that they will need in order to supply personnel to site.

This has enabled them to stay up-to-date with the requirements of the project, while the company has received funded support and access to work package information.

Kevin added: “The Hinkley Supply Chain Team has enabled us to grow our network and our business and I would recommend anyone hoping to provide services to the project to engage with the team.”

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