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Flamgard see nuclear new build as an opportunity for strategic growth

December 12, 2018

Founded in1981 and based in South Wales, Flamgard specialise in fire and gas protection for high integrity industries, mainly nuclear, oil and gas. Moving into the nuclear new build industry was a natural progression for the company who saw a clear opportunity for strategic growth in the future.

Shuresh Maran, Business Development Director, Flamgard Calidair said: “We already had a lot of work in the nuclear decommissioning sector so moving into new build was again a natural progression. The nuclear new build sector is a lot larger compared to decommissioning. When you look at nuclear new build, you have to adhere to the latest standards required in nuclear decommissioning.”

Due to the nuclear decommissioning work they have already undertaken, Flamgard had their documentation and quality processes in place. The next step was to secure funding for their product research. As they had already passed the performance criteria required, they looked for funding assistance from the Welsh Government, which resulted in a collaboration with Swansea University through the Astute Programme, designed to stimulate growth in the manufacturing sector across Wales.

Offering advice to other companies who are considering moving into the nuclear sector, Lee Bramald, CEO, Flamguard Calidair said:”We recommend going for it as there are some huge projects coming up in the nuclear new build sector and there are a lot of companies in the local area who, if they stick to their guns and push it, can win some amazing contracts.”

Flamgard have recognised the opportunities at Hinkley Point C and are looking to win their first contract, in the knowledge that they will then have a far greater chance to secure further work on other nuclear projects.

“It is a catalyst for the future, not just for the nuclear markets but for all our markets, to really push for innovation. We have always been a forward-thinking company. This has given us extra inspiration to push the boundaries of our technology.” Lee added.

Shuresh suggested the first point of call is the Hinkley Supply Chain Team who he said can then point companies in the right direction for assistance with funding, research and product development. Referring to Flamgard’s journey he added;”This is your flagship project – all the quality and engineering experience you gain trickles down to everything that you do and it changes the culture of your business when you put safety and quality right at the very top.”

Nick Golding, Programme Lead, Hinkley Supply Chain Programme said: “Flamgard are one of the few companies who have already started this journey. They recognised very early on the challenges that they faced. They have brought in skilled staff, resourced this appropriately and have shown drive and determination as well as positivity, in line with the HPC Project values, to try to access these opportunities and show themselves as a benchmark for other companies in the region.”

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