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HPC News Update

February 14, 2019

Preparations for tunneling work making progress

Work has started on the excavations in the heat sink area that will pave the way for the launch of the first Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) later in 2019 – one of our first HPC Goals for 2019.

Balfour Beatty is currently working on the launch adit, a passage for the first of the three Tunnel Boring Machines. They will excavate the intake and outfall tunnels for HPC’s cooling water systems. The adit is being dug out to a length of 30m to allow space for the TBM to be assembled and moved into place in the first of HPC’s intake tunnels, for its journey under the seabed of the Bristol Channel.

It is due to be completed this month and then a launch frame for the TBM will be built. The TBM will be assembled at the tunnel opening and will be ready for launch – this will be one of the Project’s first major milestone for the year.

2019 will also see the completion of the engineering for the Inner Containment of unit 1. The reinforced structure encasing the reactor plays a vital role in making the containment structure leak-tight. Its internal steel liner also serves as formwork for the Inner Containment concrete pour.

The year ahead will also include the manufacturing of the Pressuriser. The Pressuriser is part of the nuclear steam supply, preventing water in the coolant system from boiling. It will take several months to construct and will arrive on Site before the dome lift in 2021.


Progress within reactor unit 2’s major excavations

During January, the Kier BAM team excavating Unit 2 marked another milestone after completing and handing over the two high-level crane platforms in the forebay area. The crane bases are the first areas needed by Bylor to start installation of the two tower cranes that will service the main civil’s works.


Innovation to drive efficiency

Bylor and its contractor TISSOT are making great progress on the construction of a bunker that will allow the pre-fabrication of the reactor containment liner. The structure is one of two temporary bunkers being created as an innovative way to prefabricate the steel containment liner and dome on Site. Bylor has constructed the concrete slab foundation, while TISSOT has completed the internal scaffolding and is in the process of erecting the bunker shell.


Main Coolant Pumps

The first stainless steel Main Coolant Pump (MCP) casing has been successfully cast in Italy. It is one of eight that will house the MCPs for our two reactors, and will play a vital role in safeguarding nuclear safety and performance by circulating the water that cools the reactor core.

Taken from The Point, February 2019

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