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One, Two, Three, Pour….

May 8, 2017

The First Nuclear Safety Concrete pour on March 24th was  a big achievement for the HPC team to celebrate. It’s the second of their big goals for 2017 to be completed. Pouring the first nuclear concrete was a major milestone in HPC schedule, as this is the first time construction of a new nuclear power station has begun in the UK since Sizewell B more than three decades ago. Rock and earth were excavated down to depths of up to 13 metres to form a deep valley. The sides of the excavation were sprayed with concrete and pinned into position with steel nails to enable the works to commence.

The 17 mixer truck-loads of concrete took five hours to pour. The slab created will form part of the foundations of the underground technical galleries and the service tunnel network that will criss-cross the entire Site.  This will link buildings and structures, and house the emergency cooling water system, utility pipes and cabling.

The joint team from NNB and Bylor have worked tirelessly for three years to achieve the concrete mixes. The same teams have worked together to build a Permanent Aggregate Store, two batching plants, and a United Kingdom Accreditation Service-approved testing lab on Site to ensure the mixes stay within the approves specifications. These concrete mixes were then trailed on the gallery mock-up build in 2016.

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