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Project update and key milestones

February 11, 2019

Project Update

Looking forward in 2019, the Project has several key milestones that everyone is focussed on.  Following the start of the common raft construction on Unit 1 in December where nearly 2000m3 of concrete was placed, further large scale concrete pours are planned with the goal of completing the common raft in the summer of 2019. This is known as J0. This structure will provide the strong foundations for all the nuclear island buildings and is an internationally recognised milestone in the construction of nuclear power stations around the world. Reactor unit 1 remains on track for commissioning in 2025.

Other key 2019 milestones include:

  • Q1: The start of the offshore tunnelling, with the “launch” of the first tunnel boring machine (TBM). This TBM will construct a 6.5m diameter cooling water intake tunnel of over 3.3km in length under the Severn Estuary. Three tunnels will be constructed – two intake tunnels and one single outfall tunnel.
  • Q3: Start of the engineering work for the Inner Containment on Unit 1.
  • Q4: The start of the manufacture of the first primary circuit components (Unit 1 Pressuriser). .

The main earthworks are now approaching completion with the delivery of the Unit 2 platforms three months earlier than planned. This has been achieved by learning the lessons during the Unit 1 earthworks and applying innovative methods.

Work on site continues with over 300,000m3 of concrete placed to date. Currently concrete production on site stands at 5000m3 per week. The 700m sea wall bulk construction is complete and now requires a wave return cap to be installed. Backfilling behind the wall has started and this will then allow the construction of a road along the north edge of the site.

Facilities on site continue to develop to support the 3700 now working on the project. The South Office has opened and the South Plaza is open and now receiving all HGV deliveries.  Later this year, the North Plaza will become operational and this will allow the area near the East Office currently used for the bus service to be redeveloped.

Much of 2018 was focused on digging down, now the focus is on building up from the strong foundations we have created.

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