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Pump it up!

July 15, 2018

‘The handover of the Heat Sink platform marks the successful completion of our second Project goal of 2018.’

The Kier BAM team has successfully completed the works and has now handed over the platform to Bylor.

This is a major achievement for the Project and a critical part of our journey to JO. The Enabling Works Heat Sink team has worked tirelessly since September 2017 to deliver these works.

During that time, the team has battled with high groundwater levels, adverse weather conditions, slope movement and poor geological strata. But it has now successfully completed the works and handed over the platform to Bylor without a single lost-time incident.

The Pump House, also known by its technical name as the HP Building, consists of cooling water systems and supporting systems, such as filtration and ventilation. The Pump House serves the reactor unit with three main functions:

Coarse screening of seawater: A combination of fixed filter screens and moving screen filter cleaning systems.

Fine screening: After coarse screening, the raw water is finely filtered by a rotating drum screen or chain screens.

Pumping: The HP supplies pump-filtered water to the cooling systems.

The Pump House is a safety-critical building and has been designed to withstand shockwaves from various incidents, including potential air strikes.

The building stands at 54m high, but is buried to a depth of 36m on three sides. Four tower cranes will be required to construct the building and 19,000 tonnes of rebar. Together with the forebay, it will require 25% of all the concrete required for the EPR.

Celebratory goal pin badges will be handed out across Project locations shortly to thank everyone for helping us reach this goal.

We’re now looking forward to seeing the power station take shape and working towards our next Project goal of 2018 – the Unit 1 Nuclear Island design handover later this year.

Extract from The Point, July 2018

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