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The South West Hinkley Supply Chain Team

September 25, 2015

EDF Energy continue to fund the Hinkley Supply Chain Team managed by Somerset Chamber of Commerce which is identified as the single point of contact for both the regional supply chain seeking contract opportunities and main contractors seeking capable suppliers. Some 4000+  suppliers are registered on the portal with their capability now mapped against likely project requirements and this supply chain is now able to receive both project information and invitations to work package events and opportunities. Over 120 tier 1 and 2 contractors have been using this resource to source suppliers for bids and delivery with a range of work package and meet the buyer events supporting the objective. This central hub of data and information continues to provide a supplier engagement service to main contractors and provide information to suppliers registered.

In addition, with focussed funding from BIS (Department of Business Innovation and Skills) and Local Enterprise Partnerships the Hinkley Supply Chain Team (August 2015) has identified and assessed 30 work packages which resulted in over 700 supplier engagements sourcing 209 unique suppliers and resulting in 14 supplier clusters being identified and developed with a core group of 81 suppliers. 7 collaborative entities are now advanced in the process of being awarded interim agreements or preferred bidder status for contract values likely to be over £350 million during the project construction.

Business support for supply chain development has been strengthened following a collaboration between the Somerset Chamber of Commerce, SWMAS Ltd (delivering the Manufacturing Advisory Service) and Business West Ltd (delivering Business Support). This collaboration will increase the supply chain footprint across the South West and enable the Hinkley Supply Chain Team to draw upon a bigger pool of available resource.

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