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Associated Developments

This group of contracts are required to enable the construction of the power station and to mitigate the impact of the main plant construction activities on the local community and infrastructure. The group includes:

Cannington Bypass
Cannington Bypass will divert traffic away from the centre of Cannington village and will remain in place following construction of the power station. This contract was placed with Aggregate Industries and was completed in 2016.

Highway Improvement Works
A variety of highway improvement works have been taking place since 2013. These have been carried out by Aggregate Industries.

Campus Accommodation
The contract is for the detailed design and construction of the campus facilities planned to support the construction of HPC. These include separate accommodation blocks and amenity centres which will contain restaurants, bars, shops and sport facilities. This contract was awarded to Host.

Construction Electrical Supplies
The scope of this contract covers the design, construction and commissioning of the construction electrical supplies network. This contract has been awarded to UK Power Networks.

Jetty Main Civil Works
The contract covers the design, manufacture and construction of the 500m temporary jetty located on the North West corner of the main construction site. The scope includes all off shore works and the construction of onsite civils works into the site road system. This contract is being completed by Costain.

Combwich Wharf Construction
The contract involves the upgrade of the goods wharf at Combwich, which has been used to bring Abnormal Indivisible Loads (AILs) to the Hinkley Site since the early 1960’s. The scope includes the detailed design & construction of access roads and enhancements at the Combwich wharf facility to provide an enlarged AIL quay, goods wharf and berthing bed and an adjacent laydown area.

Park & Ride Facilities
4 park & ride facilities have been provided for use by the construction workforce. The 2 sites selected for development in Bridgwater include freight management centres. The contracts to provide these vary from modification of existing facilities to complete green field site construction. The work is being covered by 3 contracts.

Provision of Spare Transformers
The project will utilise 2 existing grid transformers for the construction electrical supplies. These were originally installed to support Hinkley Point A operation and need to be upgraded. The contract covers the manufacture, installation and testing of the replacement transformers and associated auxiliary transformers and the intermediate switch room.

By clicking on the link below you will be directed to an interactive table, within the EDF Energy website,  which shows all of the current work packages required to build Hinkley Point C together with a brief description of scope, procurement status, value band and Tier 1 supplier details where applicable.

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