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Electrical Equipment, Instrumental and I & C

This grouping contains a number of supply only equipment contracts and a number of supply and installation contracts. The group includes:

Uninterruptible Power Supply Units, Chargers & Inverters
This contract deals with the supply of Uninterruptible Power Supply Units (UPS), DC/AC Inverters, battery chargers and DC cabinets for both units. It includes support during the installation and commissioning phases.

Small Power & Lighting (all Island)
This contract covers the supply and installation of small power and internal lighting systems within the permanent plant buildings.

SBO Diesel Generators
The contract covers the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of 4 emergency diesel generators. (2 per unit)

Main Diesel Generators
The contract covers the design, manufacture, factory testing, qualification, on site installation and commissioning of 8 x 10 kV emergency diesel generator units (4 per unit). The contract includes all mechanical & electrical installation works.

Main Control Room Set-Up
The contract is for the set up of 3 main control rooms and their adjoining rooms. One for each unit and one for the onsite simulator housed within the training facility.

IT & Communications Networks
This contract covers the plant requirements for emergency communications and operational communications to be in-place when the station is operational. It includes telephone, wireless, video and computer networks & systems.

Intermediate Simulator
The contract is to supply a simulator to be used for operator training. It will include a full scope replica of the HPC main control room and a second reduced scope, fully independent, classroom training simulator.

Full Scale Simulator
This package will provide a High Fidelity Simulator with actual plant data and emulation of I&C that will be left with the plant to support on-going training during plant operations. It will replace the intermediate simulator hardware & software.

Instrumentation (Supply Only)
This contract covers the supply of a variety of instrumentation equipment that will be installed across the site. The plant and materials supplied are intended for the control and safety functions, control and test measurements necessary for the normal and continuous operation of the industrial processes throughout the 2 EPR units. The equipment will be installed by others.

Hydrogen & Fire Detection
The scope of the contract covers the design, manufacture, qualification, assembly, installation, inspection and commissioning of the fire and hydrogen detection systems. The systems will be installed on both units and in some common areas.

Electrical Penetrations through Containment Buildings
Electrical Penetrations provide electrical connections through the containment of the reactor building. The contract scope is for the design, manufacture, qualification, erection and commissioning on site.

Electrical Erection
The scope of this contract covers the installation of the main electrical distribution systems for each of the 2 units at HPC. This contract will involve the installation of free issue equipment. The scope also includes the supply of a wide range of qualified materials and equipment which include:

• Cable trays
• Distribution cabinets
• Control panels
• High voltage power cables
• Low voltage power cables
• Control cables

The preferred bidder for this large contract is a joint venture between Balfour Beatty and NG Bailey.

The supply of the emergency battery systems are divided into 2 separate contracts for diversity. The scope includes qualification of the equipment to standard and accidental conditions, manufacture, supervision during erection, tests and technical assistance to commissioning on site plus spare parts for commissioning.

Balance of Switchboards HV/LV & LV/LV Transformers
The scope of this contract is the supply of Low voltage switchboards and Medium voltage/low voltage and low voltage/low voltage transformers for the Nuclear Island, Conventional Island and balance of plant areas on both units. The contract includes technical qualification of products, manufacturing and installation supervision and commissioning supervision.

10kV Switchboards
The scope of this contract is to supply 22 x 10kV switchboards per unit. It includes qualification, manufacturing, installation supervision and commissioning supervision.

By clicking on the link below you will be directed to an interactive table, within the EDF Energy website,  which shows all of the current work packages required to build Hinkley Point C together with a brief description of scope, procurement status, value band and Tier 1 supplier details where applicable.

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