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Handling & Ventilation

This group of contracts cover the supply, and in some cases the installation, of high integrity lifting equipment that will be used in the Nuclear Buildings. It also covers equipment and classified heating and ventilation systems.

Fuel Handling – New nuclear fuel handling systems will be supplied and installed in each unit.

Polar Crane & Heavyweight Handling – Two very large cranes will be supplied and installed within the containment buildings of each unit. These are used for heavy equipment installation and subsequent plant operations.

Spent Fuel transport systems – A number of systems will be supplied and installed to safely move spent fuel within the plant area.

HK & HQ Cranes – A wide variety of high integrity cranes will be supplied & installed in the containment and fuel buildings. These will be gantry and overhead travelling types and will be used to transport heavy plant items during construction and operation.

Lifts and Goods Lifts – This contract covers the supply and installation of over forty lifts within the power station’s main buildings. Some of these will be high integrity lifts and the contractor will be required to maintain the lifts during the construction phase.

Hoists – This contract covers the supply and installation of a range of equipment hoists which will be used during plant operation. This equipment is not intended to be used during the construction phase.

HVAC for Classified Buildings – This is a large supply and installation contract which will provide all the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems within the nuclear safety classified buildings. The preferred bidder for this contract is a joint venture between Doosan Babcock, Axima Concept and Tunzini known as ACTAN.

Chillers – The contract covers the supply of chillers. The chillers are used for a variety of systems for both the cooling of air and process water.

Ventilation Stack – A ventilation stack will be installed on each unit, these are approximately 36m tall. Each ventilation stack houses measurement equipment and temperature sensors, to survey gaseous waste released during the operational phase. The contract is to supply and install the stacks on the roofs of each the fuel buildings within the Nuclear Island.

By clicking on the link below you will be directed to an interactive table, within the EDF Energy website,  which shows all of the current work packages required to build Hinkley Point C together with a brief description of scope, procurement status, value band and Tier 1 supplier details where applicable.

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