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Nuclear Island

This group of contracts covers the supply and installation of main and auxiliary plant systems within the nuclear parts of the power station.

TES Process (Solid Waste Treatment System)
The equipment is required to process and treat solid rad waste arising from normal plant operations. The contract covers the detailed design, manufacturing, installation, inspection, testing & commissioning of equipment.

TEP & TEG Process and Equipment (Coolant storage and treatment)
The supply and installation of equipment required to process and monitor liquid radioactive waste arising’s from normal plant operations. It is a combination of a number of equipment supply packages and an installation contract.

Radioprotection Process KRT (Plant Radiation Monitoring System)
Provision of the radiological sampling, analysis and monitoring systems for the site. The contract includes the manufacture, testing, installation and commissioning of the equipment.

Radioprotection Dosimetry KRC (Body contamination and dosimetry control system)
This contract provides the personnel dosimetry system for the site. This includes portable devices and wall mounted hand and body monitors. The scope of the contract includes the design, manufacture, testing, installation and commissioning of the equipment.

Nuclear Steam Supply System
This contract covers the supply and installation of the nuclear steam supply systems (NSSS) for both units. This very large contract has been awarded to Areva who have supplied the NSSS system to Flamanville 3 and many other nuclear power plants worldwide. The core components of the NSSS include the reactor pressure vessel, steam generators, pressuriser, coolant lines and coolant pumps. The work also includes the provision of the high integrity instrument and control systems.

Filters Handling Machine
This plant replaces spent liquid filters with new, and transports the replaced unit to where it can be processed for long term storage. This is a heavily shielded machine due to the activity of the filters. The contract covers the design, qualification, manufacture, installation, inspection, testing and commissioning of the equipment.

Diesel Fire Protection
This contract is to provide the Fire Protection Systems in the diesel generator buildings and the effluent treatment building. The systems are required to automatically extinguish fires in the diesel rooms, associated fuel storage tanks, oil and solvent storage areas and within the containers and lorry access areas. The scope of the contract includes the design, manufacture, testing, installation and commissioning of the equipment.

BNI Mechanical Erection
This large contract covers the erection works of mechanical equipment on site and the connection to the auxiliary piping systems on both units within the balance of the Nuclear Islands which is not part of the Nuclear Steam Supply System contract. The preferred bidder for this contract is a Joint Venture between Cavendish Nuclear and Boccard Nuclear. Boccard are the nuclear island mechanical installation contractor at Flamanville 3.

By clicking on the link below you will be directed to an interactive table, within the EDF Energy website,  which shows all of the current work packages required to build Hinkley Point C together with a brief description of scope, procurement status, value band and Tier 1 supplier details where applicable.

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