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Balance of Plant

This grouping of contracts covers both the supply of equipment which will be installed by others and the supply of systems that will be manufactured, installed & commissioned.

Security Doors, Grids and Blast Dampers
The contract covers the design, manufacture, on-site assembly and installation of various doors, blast dampers, grids and traps. There are several hundred types of doors and grids required for each unit.

Pump house Pumps
This contract covers the design, manufacture, qualification and supply of over 30 pumps within the 2 cooling water pump houses. Support during installation and commissioning is also included

This contract covers the supply of the plant condition monitoring systems which will be used to check on the health of major plant items and systems on both units.

Power Transmission
This large contract covers the supply and installation of the high voltage equipment needed to transmit the electricity generated by the main turbines. It includes the supply of the very large generator and station transformers and their cooling and fire protection systems. The preferred bidder for this contract is ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri).

Physical and Electronic Security Systems
This contract covers the supply and installation of all the permanent site security systems including the fences, CCTV and access control equipment.

KRS Environmental Monitoring
The whole site will have an installed system to monitor environmental and radiological conditions. This contract supplies the equipment which will be installed by others.

HP- Filtration
The cooling water pump houses contain a variety of systems that filter the sea water used to cool the main areas of the plant. This contract covers the supply of 2 drum screen systems and 2 band screen systems on each unit. The systems will be installed by others.

HOR Thermal Driven Pumps
This contract covers the supply of several diesel driven raw water pumps that are provided as emergency standby plant. The pumps will be installed by others.

Fish Recovery Equipment
A fish recovery system is being provided on each unit to safety return live fish, captured within the cooling water intakes, back into the Bristol Channel. The systems will be installed by others.

Gas Plant
This contract is to provide platforms for the safe storage of Nitrogen / Hydrogen & Oxygen / Argon gases which will be held in road tankers or in bottled systems. The work will include compound walls and associated pipework necessary to connect into the site gas system networks.

Embedded Frames for Security Doors, Grids and Blast Dampers
Approximately 900 frames are required for Grids & Dampers & Traps and 170 frames are needed for security doors. The frames will be installed by the main civils contractor under supervision of the supplier.

Water Treatment Systems
The contract covers the supply, installation and commissioning of water treatment, demineralisation and degassing plant systems needed to provide process water for the primary and secondary circuits of the both units.

CRF Motor Driven Pumps
This contract is for the supply of the 4 large circulating water pumps located within the cooling water pump houses. These pumps are to be installed by others under the supervision of the supplier.

Cathodic Protection
This covers the provision installation and all necessary inspection and testing including the commissioning of the equipment needed within the cooling water pump houses to minimise sea water corrosion.

BCI Mechanical Erection
This installation contract covers the manufacture, supply and erection of the auxiliary piping systems located within the galleries and trenches and throughout various buildings in the conventional island on both units. It also includes the installation of equipment supplied by others.

Auxiliary Boilers
The contract includes the manufacture, on-site assembly (erection) and commissioning of auxiliary boilers for both units. The work will include civil, M&E and instrumentation works along with fire protection and HVAC systems.

By clicking on the link below you will be directed to an interactive table, within the EDF Energy website,  which shows all of the current work packages required to build Hinkley Point C together with a brief description of scope, procurement status, value band and Tier 1 supplier details where applicable.

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