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This grouping covers the supply only of a variety of valves which will be installed by others. The packages include:

• Vent Check Valves
• Non-Classified Valves and Check Valves
• Control Valves
• Classified Plug Valves
• Classified Diaphragm Valves
• Classified Butterfly Valves
• Safety Relief Valves
• Pressure Reducing Valves and Back-pressure Regulators
• Containment Isolation Valves
• Non-classified Plug Valves
• Non-classified Diaphragm Valves
• Non-classified Butterfly Valve
• Classified Globe Check Valves and Globe Valves
• Low Pressure Check Valves
• Classified Gate Valves Swing Check Valves and Globe Valves

By clicking on the link below you will be directed to an interactive table, within the EDF Energy website,  which shows all of the current work packages required to build Hinkley Point C together with a brief description of scope, procurement status, value band and Tier 1 supplier details where applicable.

Link To Table

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