HPC News Update – November 2022

New office and compound opened

General Electric (GE) Steam Power’s offices and compound have been officially opened for operations at HPC. To mark the occasion, a plaque was unveiled at the facility located near the West Office by Nigel Cann, HPC’s Delivery Director and Frederic Wiscart, Global Managing Director, Nuclear New Build for GE Steam Power. As part of its scope, GE Steam Power will be supplying the equipment for the two turbine islands, including the world’s largest steam turbine, and the generators, condensers, heat exchangers and major pumps.

MEH teams making good progress

Work has continued at pace for the MEH team across site. Painting work has progressed with the completion of a concrete blasting trial, while in the demineralisation station gallery, the team has started the application of coatings. Inside the Electrical Building, one of the most complex buildings on site, the team has started temporary works and lighting in the Level 3 (0m) area. Similar to the bottom levels of the building, the team will also carry out installation works for the electrical and mechanical supports, with cable trays to follow afterwards. Over in Nuclear Island Unit 1, a team of welders is erecting pipe supports onto the embedment plates.

Successful hydrotest on vital pipework

The MEH team working on the Unit 1 dome has successfully completed a hydrotest on

the containment heat removal (EVU) main pipework. It marks a significant moment for

the project team following the installation of 250m of pipes, the supports and fittings

around the dome. The test uses water to detect leaks and ensure the equipment can operate under pressure. It required 8,700 litres of demineralised water, pumped into the system over six hours.

Specialist ducting delivered to site

The site has taken delivery of the first precision-engineered, steel ducting which will be installed under the dome in Unit 1. The ducting will form part of the ventilation system within the reactor building. The ducting was manufactured to stringent quality standards at the KAEFER Fabrication Facility in Jarrow, Tyne and Wear. The delivery marks the first of tens of thousands of ductwork pieces that will be supplied to HPC over the next three years.

Taken from The Point, November 2022

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