Support For Other Projects

As the Sizewell C project gets closer to its own Financial Investment Decision and work begins on site preparation and enabling works.

There will be an increasing range of work package opportunities available to East Anglian regional suppliers.

With the Development Consent Order for Sizewell C recently submitted, the 10 years of experience Somerset Chamber of Commerce has developed will be leveraged by Suffolk Chamber of Commerce. 

As part of the procurement strategy for Sizewell C, Somerset Chamber of Commerce’s Hinkley Supply Chain team has (through the British Chambers Network) been working alongside our partners from Suffolk Chamber of Commerce to advise best practice for engaging with regional suppliers. 

This ranges from advice on the support offered to the Hinkley Point C Regional Supply Chain, examples of existing regional collaborations that could be mirrored in the Sizewell C area and tips on how the Hinkley Supply Chain team has promoted regional companies to the announced contractors. The Hinkley Supply Chain team is able to share ideas and best practice for workshops, business diagnostics, as well as ensuring early engagement with the contractors to ensure opportunities can be accessed by local and regional businesses. 

In addition, there is an aspiration for suppliers in the Sizewell catchment to be engaged at HPC, where capacity in the South West is not sufficient and vice versa. The Hinkley Supply Chain team has already put in place systems allowing interested suppliers from the Sizewell area to be registered on the HPC portal for current HPC work package opportunities.

If your business is based in any of these postal area:

AL, CB, CM, CO, EN, HA6, HP2 – HP5, HP23, IP, LU, MK,MM10, NN29, NR, PE, SG, SS WD

You are considered a regional supplier for Sizewell C and can register your interest in the Sizewell C project with the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce here

Any businesses that are outside both the Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C regional supply chain catchment areas can register their interest directly on the EDF Energy National and International supply chain portal here.