HPC News Update – February 2023

Galleries team celebrates achievement

The Galleries team celebrated successfully completing all its planned concrete pours – more than 387 individual pours across 2022. Often known as ‘the arteries’ of the project, the galleries are a network of mainly underground, reinforced concrete structures with escape shafts extending to the surface. Criss-crossing the site, they are designed to link buildings and connect them with pipes, electrical cables, instrumentation and control services. The galleries were built by a small but significant team made up of about 150 representatives from Bylor, EDF and other key supplier partners.

Hive of activity in electrical building

It’s set to be a busy year for team MEH, including the installation of the first 10kV switchboard in the Unit 1 electrical building. While the MEH team is progressing upwards in the building, preparing some of the empty rooms for permanent installation, further down, 82 supports and 147m of cable trays have been erected. An additional 102 supports and 100m of cable trays are due to be installed in the coming weeks.

Key preparation area completed

Framatome and its subcontractor Collinson have successfully completed the construction of a key preparation area. The 1,200m2 and 19m high area will host some of Framatome’s primary components, such as the main coolant lines, pumps and pump casings, for storage and preparation before their installation in the reactor building. The first component stored in the building was Unit 1’s reactor pressure vessel support ring, which arrived on site at the end of January.

Taken from The Point February 2023

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