HPC News Update – July 2023

Hinkley Point C’s offshore work progresses at pace

An incredible summer of engineering is underway in the Bristol Channel, as Hinkley Point C’s offshore work nears completion. Six giant steel casings, which weigh 350 tonnes and are 40m long and 6m wide, have been installed, marking a significant step in the construction of the power station’s cooling water system. 

They will form part of the vertical shafts which will connect the 5-miles of tunnels with the intake and outtake heads. These 5,000-tonne structures were lowered onto the seabed last year and will circulate water to the nuclear reactors.

More can be seen here: new video shows Hinkley Point C’s offshore progress (edfenergy.com)

Progress on Unit 1 main turbine hall floor

Unit 1’s turbine hall has taken a step closer to completion with the main floor finished to the 16.6m level. The team can now crack on with the structural steel and roof trusses, paving the way for the installation of the 300-tonne crane.

High-voltage switchboards installation nears completion

The MEH Alliance is set to complete a project to fit a series of high-voltage switchboards that will help distribute electricity across the power station during commissioning and operation. The first high-voltage switchboard was installed in the Unit 1 electrical building last month. The electrical team is also installing cableways that will carry electrical cables throughout the building as well as putting in earthing cables.

Taken from The Point July 2023

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