HPC News Update – September 2023

First for Framatome on site

A support ring weighing nearly 55 tonnes has been lifted to the top of the Unit 1 reactor cavity pit, ready to support the reactor pressure vessel (RPV) once it is installed. The operation was part of the first permanent installation at HPC for Tier 1 French contractor Framatome. Manufactured in Spain by Framatome-subcontractor ENSA, the 54.6 tonne ring measures 8.2m wide and 1.9m high.

Tank test success

A successful hydrotest was carried out on the first of five tanks that will store demineralised water on site. Demineralised water is filtered and purified to ensure it contains no contaminants and will be used to run the power station. For the hydrotest, the team filled the tank with around 5,000m3 of water, before inspecting each weld to confirm they were free of leaks or fractures.

Third containment concrete pour completed

The Unit 2 team completed the third pour of concrete for both walls of the reactor’s outer and inner containment. These walls will protect the reactor by surrounding it with two cylindrical structures – one in front of the other – and both are made from reinforced concrete. With a volume of 1,540m3 of concrete supported by 400 tonnes of steel, the first pour for the outer containment took 30 hours. The smaller, second pour for the inner containment required 900m3 of concrete, 180 tonnes of steel and took 34 hours to complete.

Taken from The Point September 2023

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