HPC News Update – November 2023

First pipework for safeguard buildings

The first pieces of pipework have been fitted inside the safeguard buildings. In all, nearly 335km of pipework will need to be installed – enough to run end-to-end from Bristol to London and back – with a bit to spare! The pipe spools will be connected to a fluid system which will perform a host of functions, including cooling plant components during normal operations. The pipework was made by Bilfinger in Germany and is supplied in diameters ranging from 10mm to more than 800mm.

Vertical supports installed by Framatome

Following the recent positioning of the reactor pressure vessel support ring into Unit 1, Framatome team members have been busy installing a set of vertical supports. Weighing in at between 21 and 28 tonnes, the supports are located in bunkers and will hold the steam generators and main coolant pumps when they are installed.

Slab completed ahead of schedule

The nuclear island team has completed a 3,600m3 concrete pour for the foundation slab of Unit 2’s nuclear auxiliary building three weeks ahead of schedule. The slab was also delivered in just six months − four months quicker than the equivalent scope on Unit 1.

Lengthy concrete pour for Bylor

Bylor has successfully poured the first section of the walls surrounding two tanks in the Unit 2 safeguard buildings. The team deployed two mobile pumps and poured 187m3 of concrete around the auxiliary steam generator tanks during a continuous 16-hour operation. The tanks form part of the station’s emergency feedwater system.

Taken from The Point November 2023

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