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HPC News Update – December 2019

December 10, 2019

Deep Dig team nearing the end

After three years of work, Kier Bam’s deep dig team is close to completing its work on the initial site preparation work. The deep dig has been a central element of the Hinkley Point C (HPC) Project since construction began and has allowed the start of the main civils works.

The team began work in December 2016, having previously spent six months carrying out preliminary earthworks ahead of their main excavations.

Neil Adams, deep dig section manager, said: “Highlights for us have been completing key goals along the way. Among them are getting to the bottom of the 35m-deep Unit 1 heat sink and completing the pre-stressing gallery for the Unit 1 nuclear island, which was key to the completing the foundations for the reactor itself.

“Everyone is really proud of what we’ve achieved here”

Bylor continues to make progress

Bylor are making progress on a further set of weather-proof pre fabrication buildings. A new concrete structure close to the centre of the site gives the Bylor team a fully enclosed, weatherproof space where they can prefabricate components. To date, Bylor has installed 310 tonnes of rebar and poured more than 2,300m³ of concrete to build the building. A removable roof will cover the 23m-high structure when it’s complete.

Final batching plant tested

Bylor’s “Team Concrete” has been putting HPC’s fourth and final concrete batching plant through its paces since it went live in October.

Cooling water system takes shape

Socea Denys has completed the final level of the of the first phase of the CRF system, an important part of the cooling water intake structure.

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